Console Table With a Suitable Mirror

30 June 2019 - Kategori Blog

Another interesting thing about the console table is that it is multifunctional. Besides being able to be used as a decorative element of sweetening the room, the console table can also be used for storing small items. If you are a person who often forgets where car keys, cellphone chargers, door locks or nail gums, the console table can be used to store these small items. In order for the console table to have a dual function, you must choose a console table that has a frame for storing goods.

Decorating the Room with a Console Table (Console Table)

The most common thing to do when decorating a room with a console table is a console table decoration with decorative mirrors, paintings, wall displays or various kinds of photos that are hung at the bottom. Then on the console table can be placed various kinds of decoration items, such as decorative lights, photo collections, flower vases, jars, or other collections of decorative items. The most suitable console table is placed in the living room, foyer, hallway.

To decorate and fill your room with a console table, what is needed is a model and console table, whether the table is only for decoration or as a place to store items. Whatever your home design, tropical, ethnic, eclectic, classic, modern, minimalist elegance or other models, it won’t be a problem for the console table involved, because the console table is available in various styles. You just have to choose the model and color of the console table that matches the design theme of your current home. Although not furniture that is important, but the console table can provide added value to enhance the interior appearance of your home.

Selecting the Console Table (Console Table)

There are certain criteria that must be approved before you buy a console table. You can follow the tips for choosing and buying the following console table, by following the tips, you will get a console table that is suitable for your home space.

1. Find Out the Items You Will Store in the Console Table (Console Table)

Specify beforehand from your console table. A console table if placed on the wall is not very suitable, even for the style of the table according to the style of the living room decoration. Displaying Decorative items that match your living room decoration theme can be done to help the console table look like the theme of your living room. Be careful to avoid incompatibilities because some photo frames or flower vases can be more time-consuming because the table width is less large. You can also choose one or two lamp type table lamps on the console table to provide extra lighting in your living room.

2. Know the Style of Your Home Before Buying a Console Table (Console Table)

Make sure your console table matches the other furniture you have. A thick and sturdy console table will look unsuitable and displayed in a living room in a minimalist modern style and a table shape that does not match the design theme of your home. Conversely, for a modern minimalist style house specifically designed for a simple and simple console table or console table specifically made of glass. The sleek and minimalist style will be much better and in accordance with the modern style living room.

3. Adjust the Living Room with the Console Table (Console Table)

It is very important for you to match the console table with all the furniture in your living room. The console table (console table) can be a brilliant or prominent fashion statement. A brightly colored console table will not look at the place paired with dark wood furniture. Try combining a console table with other furniture, you don’t just have to choose natural wood. Some console tables are made with bright colors finishing. Choose a console table with colors that can complement your guest process so that it produces a harmonious decoration.

4. Placing the Console Table (Console Table)

Customizing new furniture such as a console table takes time and repeat experiments. If possible, position your console table away from the area where people often pass by in that place. Keep the console table in place for several days until you use it to use the furniture.


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